The Workshop Workshop: “Facilitation by Design”

This week I attended a workshop on…workshops. A part of AIGA’s Design for Good initiative, “Facilitation by Design” was led by service design superstar Renna Al-Yassini of user experience firm Adaptive Path. With loads of experience under her belt leading diverse groups to successful solutions, Renna led us through her process of how to prepare and execute a productive collaborative session…

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Step 1: The Branding Workshop

Recently, we looked at the 6 key elements of successful brand deployment, which gave an overview of our process for developing brands. The first two elements were “Company Definition” and “Corporate Strategy” — makes sense to start with the basics. But how do we get to know the company so well we can define it? That’s where our Branding Workshop comes in …

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Website Redesign III: The Workshop

You’ve done some hard thinking about your biz and handed in your homework. So what’s the next step in the website redesign process? The Workshop! Doesn’t sound like fun? Yes, you will have to corral your internal team into participating. And you will need to pipe up and share your ideas and opinions, which are always welcome. We’ll work hard, collaborating as a group. But all this work will be well worth it when you begin to brag about your awesome, relevant, perfect new website. Here’s how it works…

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