New Web Work: Stylo Furniture & Design

I was very happy to be asked to revise the portfolio and e-commerce site for my talented woodworker friend Randy Hornman, of Stylo Furniture & Design, as I’ve been a longtime fan. We tried to keep the design clean and elegant — trying to reflect his high standards of craftsmanship. We don’t do too many e-commerce sites, but in this case the client kept it simple, which we like …

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Website Redesign IV: Workshop Outputs

We’ve just finished a three-hour website redesign workshop. You worked hard to pull together your thoughts with your team so that you are clear on the direction the website needs to go from a business-building perspective. Through our research, the website redesign survey and the workshop, we’ve clarified some things we weren’t sure of. So what happens next?

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Website Redesign III: The Workshop

You’ve done some hard thinking about your biz and handed in your homework. So what’s the next step in the website redesign process? The Workshop! Doesn’t sound like fun? Yes, you will have to corral your internal team into participating. And you will need to pipe up and share your ideas and opinions, which are always welcome. We’ll work hard, collaborating as a group. But all this work will be well worth it when you begin to brag about your awesome, relevant, perfect new website. Here’s how it works…

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