New R Baby Foundation Website

Every now and then, a project comes along that we get really excited about. Last Spring, we suggested a website overhaul for this wonderful nonprofit, R Baby Foundation, which works to make emergency rooms better prepared for infants and children. We had been working with R Baby since their inception in 2005, helping them to evolve their brand. The nonprofit grew and thrived, but despite incremental improvements over time, their website did not keep up. By 2015, they had a home page that was choking with content and an outdated navigation that gave them 0 flexibility to showcase the growing work of the organization.





AFTER Redesign


Aside from the outdated look of the website and lack of storytelling, it felt static and heavy. The client was also unable to make any edits to the website content and relied on us for all updates. So, spurred along by Google’s incentive to build mobile-responsive websites, the time came for the client to take the leap. We reorganized the website architecture, designed simple but elegant pages, and built an easy-to-use mobile-responsive WordPress website with a custom theme. It was important to the client that the heart of the issue is front and center, and that we show hard data that relates the scope of their work.

You can visit the new website here: