When this client first contacted me for a web design project, we met up in person soon after. This was the business card he handed me.

Original business card & company name

So I immediately began with my needling questions about their brand and identity. No brand definition. They didn’t have a website at the time. This business card was their only real piece of marketing collateral. I immediately added a rebrand process and identity design in my web proposal.

Step 1: The Workshop. We kicked off the project with a workshop that targeted their brand as well as the needs for their website. My first question: “What’s with the name? What does ‘BAF’ stand for?” It turned out the name (and the logo, for that matter) was left over from the time when the principal first got into business in the area of forestry project management. They had since moved into managing renewable energy projects — primarily wind and solar — rendering the name irrelevant to their current core business. I wrote another proposal to rename the company. More about our brand workshops »

13-1120-Alexander-Brand-Frame-FINAL-13-0920Step 2: Brand Frame. The Brand Frame comes next, as we’ve hammered out the definition and brand essence during the workshop. Here’s where we define the company and the brand in a document that can be shared internally, so staff is on the same page. Things we outline in the Brand Frame:

  • Mission & Vision
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Essence
  • Core Values
  • Key Brand Attributes
  • Brand Metaphor
  • Strategic Targets
  • Key Selling Points
  • Positioning Statement
  • Code of Conduct
  • Communication Style
  • Proof Points
Round 3 of the rename process
Round 3 of the rename process

Step 3: Rename the Company. After  competitive research and internal brainstorming, we went through three rounds of name ideation. “Alexander” was on all three lists and seemed a natural fit for the company name as it reflected the principal’s name and his stellar reputation. However, it was important to go through other option to land back on what felt right. In the end “Alexander Project Services” it was.

Step 4: Logo & Identity Design. With the new name approved, we moved on to the creative development of the identity design. We started with the logo (of course), then moved on to corporate stationery.

New logo & corporate identity

Step 5: Website Design & Development. After we had our design direction going, we moved on to developing the architecture for the website, copywriting, website design and the web build. The client was a great partner in moving the project along to a successful launch this November. Visit the live site here »

New Alexander Website