The balancing act of saying everything you want to say while keeping your communications meaningful is ongoing for business, but in particular when it comes to web design. I always try to urge my clients to focus on the storytelling aspect, leading users through the experience of visiting their website. These five examples of simple, clean web design do a great job of just that! Enjoy.


Does a great job of organizing their navigation, and telling enough story on the home page to draw you in. And the great photography makes it. I do want to learn more!

Arko Website



Beautiful and clean landing page, with a simple scroll for more. You get the idea of exactly what they are about, right off the bat. Nice.

Orchard Keepers

All the important stuff — images of the room, colorful description, location, contact info — right up front. Plenty of places to click for the specific info you’re looking for.

Orchard Keepers Home Page


Design Week Portland

The name of the event, and the date. Pretty much speaks for itself. Also, I’m a sucker for the fading color background. Yum! Maybe I’ll try to get out there for this one.

Design Week Portland Website


A larger website can still stay clean. Here, they present the info in chunks via scroll, so you really can say all you want to say. But say it well!

Wallmob Website