After about three years of hard work developing the brand and product line, our client Minder finally launched their first product, MinderPet. MinderPet is a document sorting and storage system that enables pet owners to keep track of their vet / breed / adoption / care / etc records and also helps them along with tips and guidance. The product is beautifully illustrated with professional photography by Amanda Jones (you know she’s my sister, right?). It comes with a binder with pre-set tabs, three file folders and informational inserts. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. MinderPet

MinderPet launched at SuperZoo, which is the pet industry trade show in Las Vegas, this week. In addition to designing the brand and the product, we pulled their booth together…

MinderPet Booth

…and designed the packaging and POS display…

MinderPet Packaging

…as well as the website, of course. MinderPet Website

MinderPet is the first in a series of excellent home and business organizing systems to come. The Minder sales team is tweeting and posting from the floor of the trade show if you want to follow their progress.