We launched a new website over the weekend, for Portland client MPower Oregon. The site is a WordPress customization, which we’ve been doing a lot of these days. You can view the live site at www.mpoweroregon.com.

The project kicked off with a trip to Portland for a Web Design & Branding Workshop so we could get on the same page as this start-up client in terms of the needs of the site and the brand. After doing a quick redesign of the logo, we launched into the web architecture and design, built the site and launched it on June 8.


The site appears very simple, but there’s actually some great functionality.

MPower Oregon How It Works

Team members, partners, and funders are very easy to add.

MPower Oregon Team

We used the WordPress blogging feature for the “Success Stories” section so the team could easily keep the site feeling fresh and updated.

MPower Oregon Success Stories


Overall, a really quick and successful project, and a great client to work with it! View the live site at www.mpoweroregon.com.