Sometimes I can’t believe how excited I get excited when I’m asked to design a brochure. It’s so rare these days! Most of the print we design is to be downloaded off the web and printed on an unknown laserjet printer somewhere in some office. So much for quality control! But when the client actually sends a piece we’ve designed to the printer, it’s a completely different experience. We get samples with that amazing off-print-press-smell, and it’s delicious.

The experience of riffling through a print brochure is completely different than clicking through a PDF or scrolling a website. We have the opportunity to captivate our audience, to draw them in through their senses. With the wonderful image assets and brand identity strength of Ecotrust, that was not hard to do with their organizational brochure.

Ecotrust Fresh Thinking Brochure
Ecotrust Fresh Thinking Brochure Cover, Interior Spread



Here are a few more spreads to enjoy.13-0524-Ecotrust_Fresh_Thinking-2