Happy April! The smell of fresh air, going outside without a coat, the pop of color in the yard from the daffodils and crocus. It’s the best time of year to open up the windows, air out the house, and sort the closets…why not freshen up your creative assets as well? Here are some ways to go about it.

Spring Crocus

1. Look at your Logo

How’s it working for you? Over the last year, have you been struggling with using it across different applications? Are the colors still working well? Don’t be afraid to take the initiative in making moderate improvements over time. Yes, you will have to update the website and your business cards with the new logo, but this will also require you to take a fresh look at all your outreach collateral. Now may be a great time to update your identity.

2. Collect your Photos, Icons & Imagery

If you haven’t already, take a birds-eye view of all your image assets across your collateral. Are some looking dated, or maybe overused? Are they being used consistently to identify each offering, or is there a mishmash splatter of images and icons that aren’t really making sense? Let’s create a strategy on how to use them and maybe do a little image research or photo shoot for a fresh approach.

3. Brush off that Brochure

When was the last time you actually read the materials you are putting out there? Maybe they are feeling stale or outdated compared to your evolving business offering. Or you’ve launched a new web initiative we should be promoting more. Let’s put a little rethink into what you want to say.

4. Review your Website

Take some time to click through your site, pretending you are your ideal customer. What may have made sense two years ago might best be rethought for what you are doing today. Web technologies probably have evolved since your last update. Now might be a good time to implement that new feature you’ve been considering.

5. Assess your Social Strategy

Take a slow scroll through your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, etc. What patterns do you see emerging that are: a) great for business; or b) not really helping much. How is your brand coming across in Webland? Consider what you can do to improve your social media presence in a way that works with your daily schedule or internal resources and refine your social media strategy based on that.

It’s so easy to put off this type of housecleaning, especially when it gets busy and you have more “substantial” fish to fry. By spending a little time each week (say Friday afternoons?) ironing through the wrinkles, eventually you’ll have a clarified brand and crisp communications. Enjoy!