We’ve just finished a three-hour website redesign workshop. You worked hard to pull together your thoughts with your team so that you are clear on the direction the website needs to go from a business-building perspective. Through our research, the website redesign survey and the workshop, we’ve clarified some things we weren’t sure of. So what happens next?

Notes from the Workshop #1. Notes — Right Back At Ya

I take lots of notes during the workshop, trying to capture all the big ideas you have so I can distill them down to the essentials that I can work with.

The first thing that comes back to you is the completed workshop deck, with corrections and information filled in per our discussed. You review and approve, or we iterate until we get it right.

And of course there are Next Steps on there for everyone!

#2. Information Architecture — Defining the Site

During the workshop, we answered some questions and hopefully came to enough conclusions to begin developing the new website’s information architecture (IA). IA consists of the site outline, page wireframes, and descriptions of the functionality. This is so that a proper estimate can be made of the cost of designing and building the website, and so that we have a clear vision of exactly what we are designing.

Site Outline: Shows the hierarchy of site information — pages and subpages that will be included on the website.

Page Wireframes: Generic looking “web pages” that show where the content goes and can demonstrate functionality as required.

Functionality: Special things that parts of the website should do, like a slideshow on the home page that fades from one image to the next.

Here’s an example of a site outline and wireframes we recently created:

LCP Website IA Example

#3. Web Redesign Proposal — Watching the Budget

Web Redesign ProposalYep, it took this long to finally talk about money. The reason for this is not because I’m shy, but because I like to have all the information before I write a proposal. Budgets are tight these days, it’s important to get it right and be able to stick to it. You probably already had a number in mind (and I may have asked you about that), so now we’re all on the same page.

The proposal also includes a timeline and process for completing the project.

All this hard work done, it’s time for the fun stuff….next we get cracking on the design!!

Next Up: Website Redesign V: Design Direction
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