Mashable recently reported on some alternate names Apple had considered for the iPhone when it was still in development, according to former head of Apple advertising Ken Segall:

  • TriPod
  • Mobi
  • TelePod

It’s totally strange to think of it being called anything but iPhone at this point, right? The above three options don’t even have the word “phone” in them. I don’t think this would have worked, as Apple was able to see into the future, but their consumers sure didn’t. You have to remember at the time the iPhone came out, there were no apps yet — there wasn’t the concept that a phone could do much, much more than check email, make phone calls, and take quick snapshots. I think I average two calls in the 12 hours a day my phone is in my hand. Back then when they launched the new product, we needed the name “phone” in it, as a starting point to purchasing the product. It also bridged to “iPad”, keeping the family of iProducts together. Branding Yum.

Segall also spilled that they were considering “iPad” for the name of the name of the phone. I’m sure at that point there was already an internal buzz and research to make the tablet happen.

I do kinda like “Mobi” though…

Apple iPhone
Image courtesy of Mashable