Phew, that’s a mouthful. Basically, we want everything to match. When you hear the disappointment in my voice when you tell me “Oh, I took care of that part of it!” it’s not because I want to spend my weekend working on your postcard design. It’s because we carefully craft a design approach for each project, and we want to make sure our vision is executed perfectly!

“Perfectly” might be overstating it. But when it comes to resizing layout for different uses, we are the experts. It’s our job to pay attention to details that you may not notice, and this is why you’ll get great results every time. If you let us take care of it. We can do a lot, let us do it for you.

Here’s an example. Our client, the amazing horse photographer Lisa Cueman, was very excited to land a show in New York City this year. She had recently caught an earful from me about misusing the logo we did for her a few years ago. So she asked us to create some materials she could use to promote the show. Great idea, Lisa!

First, we designed a postcard for her, setting up the design concept….

Greensquare Tavern Show PC

Then we did an email announcement, translating it to HTML…

Greensquare Tavern Show Email

Third, we created an evite she could post on her website…

Greensquare Tavern Show Invitation


Lastly, we scaled it up into a sign she could post at the show, so everyone would know whose photographs were on the wall!

Greensquare Tavern Signage

You can see how the type and image treatment are consistent across all the various items. This is the way we visually brand an event, company, product or nonprofit. Easy peasy!

Here’s how the show turned out. If you’re in the city before the end of May, stop by and take a look. Her photos are stunning!

If you don’t know where the show is by now, either you need glasses or I need to do a better job 😉

Greensquare Tavern Show