“When you want a new logo is when your current trademark is too complex, no longer relevant to your brand, or you want to unite various sub-brands. A new mark should be an uncomplicated form that can work anywhere, from a billboard to an app tile. It must be appropriate and relevant to the company and its field. And it must be memorable.” — Sagit Haviv

Sagit Haviv is a partner with Chermayeff & Geismar, which designed the NBC peacock, Chase octagon, and National Geographic rectangle.

Here are three great examples of working through process to create great identity design, originally posted by Bloomberg Business Week. Clients have a tendency to want pictograms for logos, to say everything. It’s the designer’s job to simplify the mark to its essentials.

How to Design a Logo: Sagit Haviv
Illustration by Neal Fox; Earth: Getty Images; from Bloomberg Business Week