McDonalds? I haven’t been a customer in years. Sworn off McDs and such competitors ever since I read Fast Food Nation, watched Food, Inc., and stopped eating anything with legs. Despite my personal feelings toward the leading fast food chain, I applaud their execution of this exciting billboard designed by ad agency Leo Burnett. It displays McD’s breakfast menu in a sundial, with the dial shadowing the ubiquitous golden arches. Talk about the intersection of business and design! This is a great example.

McDonalds Sundial Billboard

It makes me wish for more time. More time during the work week to infuse more thought and inspiration into our communications design. “If only our clients would give us a little more time to…” conceptualize… create… execute some exciting, fresh ideas.

Let’s give our work it a little more time and space for innovation. You can see how cool it can be! See more innovative billboards here »