During down time, I do love getting lost in a “design inspiration” search on the web. The source of my biggest appreciation of the Internet is the access to visual content. One can click and wander for hours, a visual feast…for free!

One site that I visit frequently when I’m working on an identity project is logodesignlove.com. The blog-format site continually offers up the latest and greatest identity and logo design from designers everywhere. When pursuing design inspiration, it’s not that we’re looking to steal ideas or a design approach, but that the mind can open up to possibilities. When one can begin to visualize a fresh approach for a particular project or client, as inspired by current design and great ideas, one can deliver a solution that is not only relevant to the business at hand, but drive the design toward a cleaner, more contemporary approach.

Here are a few well-executed examples from “Negative Space Logos.” The design geek in you will appreciate how negative space can be utilized within the small and simple constraints of a logo mark. I’ve always loved the USA Network logo. Egg n Spoon is pretty darn subtle, but beautifully done. You get it!

Negative Space Logos, logodesignlove.com


While the mark below is beautiful enough, I think it misses on the branding front: what is this company about? Something fast…that you’ll love is what I’m getting. But what does the company do? Nothing to do with a running bunny! I’ll leave the googling to you.

Nexcite Logo