Wait for it… Mashable published Google’s list of the most-watched nonprofit YouTube videos last year. Content so good it goes viral is a cheap/quick way for a nonprofit to fan its flames. What will your story be?

I’m listing these in reverse order because the PETA’s “Boyfriend Went Vegan” is my favorite, and you are probably one of the 100 million people who have already seen the Kony video. While that number is 1/10th of the most-watched YouTube video yet, that’s a pretty good audience for a small cause. …reload this page if you don’t see the videos below.

#5: PETA’s “Boyfriend Went Vegan”

3,000,000 views. This one is my favorite. Unexpected, very funny. Brilliant!

#4: Childrens Hospital LA’s “Thank You Message to Selena Gomez From Hana Hwang”

3,300,000 views. It’s tough to trump a sweet, smart, sick little girl. Feel-good/feel-sad all at once.

 #3: Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns’ “Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence”

6,500,000 views. Impressive cast of characters, they seemed to pull it together very quickly after the Newtown tragedy.

#2: Metro Trains Melbourne’s “Dumb Ways to Die.”

36,000,000 views. Fun animation, but the cause wasn’t completely obvious to me until the end.

#1: Kony 2012

96,000,000 views. People were really inspired by this one when it first launched (it’s quite well done). But the Kony campaign itself — which raised awareness about the horrors in Uganda — self-combusted by the middle of the year.

“Right now, there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet 200 years ago.” Wow.