2012 was the best year yet for nonprofits to raise money through social media. Evolving with the social media trend, individual giving through this avenue has steadily increased over recent years — the average donation increased from $38 in 2010 to $59 this year. It’s easy for supporters to share their favorite cause with their network through Facebook and Twitter — increasing chatter, raising awareness and building followship. Check out this infographic for a visual take on the trend.

Crowdfunding through sites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter is another way nonprofit giving is also growing, and will continue to grow — an estimated $2.81 billion was raised this way in 2012. These are particularly great for focused campaigns or specific events.

Savvy nonprofits are leveraging this trend — 98% currently have a presence on Facebook. It’s even easier to give now that Facebook has added a Charitable Donation option to its “Facebook Gifts” feature this Fall. It’s been reported that the average value of a FB like over a 12-month stretch is $161.30. This amount is increased to $214.81 by utilizing complementary channels like Twitter. Incorporating Twitter into your fundraising event can result in 10x more money raised. Oh, the power of the #.

Nonprofits credit such success to three simple steps: develop a strategy around social media, make it a priority, and dedicate a staff position to execute the strategy. Those Facebook and Twitter accounts you’ve been struggling to update can become a new source of donation dollars. With some thought and attention, you can make it easy for your followers to support you financially.

Infographic by MDG Advertising mdgadvertising.com. Story picked up from mashable.com.

2012 Social Media Giving